Bengali style Mango Chutney Cake

I love the sweet and tangy raw mango chutney which I look forward to every summer. Mango chutney was a must thing back home to finish our lunch with everyday. We had a huge mango tree in our house in Chennai which used to bear loads of delicious mangoes every year. With the raw mangoes... Continue Reading →

Elaichi ragi and Almond cookies

Every first time event in one's life is special, some are memorable and some are not. This recipe is special and memorable one to me because this was my first maida less cookie recipe experiment that I made and it was a successful one. It was for my little one's evening snack and he totally... Continue Reading →

Banana Strawberry Upside down Cake

Doesn't this cake look absolutely gorgeous? It tastes delicious and it is healthy too! I have baked upside down cakes with strawberries and bananas separately but never tried them together. Here I have used strawberry compote which has added to it's aesthetic beauty as well as to it's delicious flavor. Using combination of wheat, sorghum... Continue Reading →

Coconut Orange and Cranberry cake

Combination of coconut and Orange is a match made in heaven! The cake is really moist with great texture and absolutely flavorful. The sweetness of the cake is balanced with tanginess from the dried cranberries. A very healthy cake made with combination of sorghum flour, amaranth flour and whole wheat flour. The cake looks bright... Continue Reading →

Tangy Tomato Crackers

It is said "Necessity is the mother of all invention",  I would like to change it to availability is the mother of all invention. In my case it's always the latter. This recipe is the best example of that.  I was not planning to make tomato crackers, when I opened the fridge and found loads... Continue Reading →

Alu pyaaz tomato posto

Bengalis love alu posto. It is such a comfort food and so simple to make. My hubby loves posto so much that he can eat it day and night 365 days a year! Posto is poppy seeds, we make a paste of poppy seeds and use. Various other vegetables can be made with posto like... Continue Reading →

Maggie crackers

My love for Maggie has lead me to create Maggie crackers. Maggie lovers like me will love this cracker. Since instant noodles aren't great healthwise that's when Maggie crackers come in rescue. Now you can enjoy the taste of Maggie with less than one packet of the noodles and it's gonna last you for 3-4... Continue Reading →

Bhapa Chocolate Misti doi

Bhapa chocolate Mishti doi is my variation to the famous Bengali Mishti doi which is loved by all once they have had the taste of it.  Bhapa chocolate Mishti doi is a delight for chocolate lovers. It's a perfect dessert during summer. And this is so simple that it can be whipped up in no... Continue Reading →

I love the beautiful buttery smell of the freshly baked cinnamon rolls. Here I've used whole wheat along with jagerry to make it healthy. It does create the same magic and it is as delicious! If you are a beginner in bread baking have a look at whole wheat bread. Check other stuffed bread recipes... Continue Reading →

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