Lau chingriĀ 

Lau chingri is bottle gourd cooked with shrimps, a delicacy from West Bengal. I love authentic Bengali cuisine, most of the recipes are so simple with minimal ingredients, yet so flavorful. It's the same with Lau chingri, the humble bottle gourd gets a complete makeover by the use of shrimps. The shrimps just takes this... Continue Reading →

Coffee is one of the most common and loved flavor in cakes. I had baked this healthy Coffee cake for a Heart Healthy recipe contest conducted by Ovenderful Mom Baker's Community, my favorite healthy baking group on facebook. The theme of the contest was to make bakes with heart healthy ingredients. So I came up... Continue Reading →

Madras Tea shop style Butter biscuits

Butter biscuits were my childhood favorite. It was so addictive that I could keep eating them. These were regular biscuits along with Marie and cream cracker back home in Chennai. Dunking them in tea used to make it extra delicious. Though I never used to drink tea (I still don't) but I always took some... Continue Reading →

Wheat and Jowar Tutti Frutti cake

I love to eat and bake these kind of simple old tea cakes. Tutti frutti cake is my hubby's favorite. He is just not fond of cream cakes so I generally bake tea cakes. Even I have lost interest in iced cakes, don't like them anymore. Moreover my bakes are healthy without refined flour. Though... Continue Reading →

Peanut Jagerry Coconut cookies

Back with another coconut cookies. I totally love coconut in cakes and cookies, it just makes everything so special! The combination is just perfect. I have used egg here which has also given a nice flavor to the cookies. Usage of jagerry and egg makes these cookies soft and chewy. Ingredients Peanuts 40 g Desiccated... Continue Reading →

Garlic Pepper grilled Prawns

I have been meaning to post a recipe for a 'Dish under 20 minutes' for a recipe contest, that's when I came up with this quick and delicious garlic pepper grilled prawns. It is such a simple recipe even a child can make it. This can be a perfect snack for your sudden guests at... Continue Reading →

Mango and Coconut cookies

I love coconut and somehow it combines so well with every flavor without losing it's own flavor, in fact it gives that extra zing. I found the combination of mango and coconut so delicious in these cookies. The cookies are crunchy on the outside, soft and chewy inside. If you like soft and chewy cookies... Continue Reading →

Chicken Salami stuffed Pizza swirl bread

A tasty yummy stuffed pizza bread recipe. With goodness of whole wheat makes this a very healthy treat. A vegetarian version of it without the salami is yummy too. I tried both versions and both are delicious! I make this often for our weekend breakfast. Ingredients For bread Organic whole wheat 250 g Fine semolina... Continue Reading →

Mango Phirni

I love summers because it brings mangoes. I'm just crazy about mangoes! I can keep eating them. I love Mumbai for the Alphonso mangoes, they are simply delicious. I call them the Mango Frooty mango because the taste of Alphonso mangoes are just like the Mango Frooty. I had Frooty before I tasted Alphonso mango... Continue Reading →

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