Sprouted ragi chicken cutlet 

I had sprouted ragi at home so I wanted to try out this healthy cutlet. Ragi is highly nutriticious with calcium, iron, vitamin C. Sprouted ragi is super food with all nutrients doubling up! I still feed my little one sprouted ragi flour porridge everyday for breakfast. I came up with this idea of using... Continue Reading →

Teekha Murgh

A fiery chicken recipe made with green chillies, red chillies and black pepper, with dry roasted curry leaves acting as the cherry on the top. If you love hot and spicy gravy then this recipe is for you. Serves a delicious side dish to chapati, naan or kulcha. Ingredients Chicken pieces 500 g Curd for... Continue Reading →

Baked vermicelli Malpua 

There are times, when you end up baking something you never really planned to, and times, when you do lot of planning yet end up making something entirely different. Also there are times when everything goes as per plan and prior research. For me, it is mostly the first two situation. Although I'm generally a... Continue Reading →

Beetroot bread

An organic whole wheat beetroot bread flavored with garlic, rosemary and basil infused olive oil. It is beautifully flavored and textured bread. Beetroot adds a nice sweet taste that blends so well with garlic, rosemary and the basil oil. It looks so pretty too! The colour is natural from beetroot. It goes great with a... Continue Reading →

Baked root vegetable cutlet

Monsoon soon approaching Mumbai and it is one of my favorite times in the city. There is something about Mumbai rains that makes it more special. And nothing beats hot-spicy snacks with a hot cup of strong filter coffee on rainy days. Since I'm going the healthy way I'll be coming up with lot of... Continue Reading →

Chocolate cherry cake

Back with another delicious recipe with cherries. I was thinking what else to make with cherries after baking the rose buns with cottage cheese and cherry compote. I didn't want to simply use cherries as topping for dessert, I wanted to bake something with it. A chocolate cake was on my to do list for... Continue Reading →

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