Norwegian rice pudding

Norwegian rice pudding or Risengrynsgrot is a traditional recipe prepared in Norweign homes during Christmas. White short grain rice simmered in milk until soft, tender and creamy for almost an hour. The pudding is flavored with nutmeg and vanilla. Finally garnishing with caramelized bananas and pistachios. Caramelized apples or any berry compote goes great with... Continue Reading →

Snicker Brownies

The recipe is called snicker brownies not because snickers chocolate is used here. It is called so because my brownies taste exactly like the chocolate snickers. Like every other recipe of mine I try to make it as healthy as possible (quite difficult to make brownies healthy!) by replacing ingredients and techniques that don't bring... Continue Reading →

Coorgi style chicken curry

Coorg is a beautiful hill station in the Northern karnataka, very famous for its coffee plantation. Just as wonderful as the place is the cuisine from the hill town. Best known are the non vegetarian dishes of chicken, pork and meat. The gravies are generally coconut based, spicy and tangy made with kachampuli which is... Continue Reading →

Whole wheat cake rusk

Cake rusks were another childhood favorite like the Madras Tea shop style butter biscuits. I grew up in Chennai but my Dida bari (maternal grand mother's house) was in Faridabad. We used to spend our summer vacations their. The delicious savory as well as the sweet snacks were to die for. One such favorite was... Continue Reading →

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