Chaal kophi

A delightful vegetarian satvic recipe from West Bengal. This isn't a very common recipe like other vegetarian recipes that I have shared. Chaal kophi is a heirloom recipe that I learnt from my mum which she learnt from my grandmom. I keep repeating how much I love vegetarian food in Bengali cuisine. You must try... Continue Reading →

Pyaaz Posto

Posto is poppy seeds and in Bengali cuisine it is one of the favorite ingredients used. Generally Posto is used with potato to make alu Posto which is quite popular. Posto can be made with variety of other vegetables, also with fish and meat. Here I have made this simple and delicious Posto recipe with... Continue Reading →

Alu pyaaz tomato posto

Bengalis love alu posto. It is such a comfort food and so simple to make. My hubby loves posto so much that he can eat it day and night 365 days a year! Posto is poppy seeds, we make a paste of poppy seeds and use. Various other vegetables can be made with posto like... Continue Reading →

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