Coconut chocolate chip cookies

Who doesn't love chocolate chip cookies? And addition of coconut here has made these already delicious cookies extra yum! This is my first egg based cookie recipe that I'm posting here. I made this few months ago but not finding time to blog. Life with a 2 year old toddler is quite exhausting.. phew! I... Continue Reading →

Whole wheat cake rusk

Cake rusks were another childhood favorite like the Madras Tea shop style butter biscuits. I grew up in Chennai but my Dida bari (maternal grand mother's house) was in Faridabad. We used to spend our summer vacations their. The delicious savory as well as the sweet snacks were to die for. One such favorite was... Continue Reading →

Wheat and flax seeds cheese crackers

Healthy crackers made with whole wheat and flax seeds meal. I just loved the way these turned out! Loved the nuttiness from the flax, whereas cheese and pepper made these extra delicious. I wanted to bake something similar to cream cracker as my hubby likes them and he wanted me to bake something like that.... Continue Reading →

Madras Tea shop style Butter biscuits

Butter biscuits were my childhood favorite. It was so addictive that I could keep eating them. These were regular biscuits along with Marie and cream cracker back home in Chennai. Dunking them in tea used to make it extra delicious. Though I never used to drink tea (I still don't) but I always took some... Continue Reading →

Peanut Jagerry Coconut cookies

Back with another coconut cookies. I totally love coconut in cakes and cookies, it just makes everything so special! The combination is just perfect. I have used egg here which has also given a nice flavor to the cookies. Usage of jagerry and egg makes these cookies soft and chewy. Ingredients Peanuts 40 g Desiccated... Continue Reading →

Mango and Coconut cookies

I love coconut and somehow it combines so well with every flavor without losing it's own flavor, in fact it gives that extra zing. I found the combination of mango and coconut so delicious in these cookies. The cookies are crunchy on the outside, soft and chewy inside. If you like soft and chewy cookies... Continue Reading →

Elaichi ragi and Almond cookies

Every first time event in one's life is special, some are memorable and some are not. This recipe is special and memorable one to me because this was my first maida less cookie recipe experiment that I made and it was a successful one. It was for my little one's evening snack and he totally... Continue Reading →

Tangy Tomato Crackers

It is said "Necessity is the mother of all invention",  I would like to change it to availability is the mother of all invention. In my case it's always the latter. This recipe is the best example of that.  I was not planning to make tomato crackers, when I opened the fridge and found loads... Continue Reading →

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