Gooey Cappuccino banana flour Brownies

A gluten free brownie recipe which is absolutely yummy! I made this Gooey cappuccino banana flour brownies for the Belly Nirvana campaign organised by Plattershare in association with I have used raw banana flour earlier but always in combination with other flours. This time I thought I will use it as it is and... Continue Reading →

Snicker Brownies

The recipe is called snicker brownies not because snickers chocolate is used here. It is called so because my brownies taste exactly like the chocolate snickers. Like every other recipe of mine I try to make it as healthy as possible (quite difficult to make brownies healthy!) by replacing ingredients and techniques that don't bring... Continue Reading →

Exotic Mojito Brownies

Mojito is such a refreshing drink, cocktail or mocktail, either ways I love Mojito. A prefect summer drink which is always revitalizing. For me it's Mojito any time of the year! In this brownie recipe I have incorporated the flavors of Mojito. Both mint and lime together give a very refreshing feel and taste to... Continue Reading →

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