Coconut chocolate chip cookies

Who doesn't love chocolate chip cookies? And addition of coconut here has made these already delicious cookies extra yum! This is my first egg based cookie recipe that I'm posting here. I made this few months ago but not finding time to blog. Life with a 2 year old toddler is quite exhausting.. phew! I... Continue Reading →

Grilled Herring with kasundi and radhuni

Fusion of Bengali and continental flavors making a delicious, mildly spiced grilled fish. The grilled fish is flavored with kasundi and radhuni, both of which are a typical of Bengali cuisine with former being the pungent mustard sauce and the latter is wild celery. The marinade also contains apple cider vinegar, olive oil and lime... Continue Reading →

Wheat and flax seeds cheese crackers

Healthy crackers made with whole wheat and flax seeds meal. I just loved the way these turned out! Loved the nuttiness from the flax, whereas cheese and pepper made these extra delicious. I wanted to bake something similar to cream cracker as my hubby likes them and he wanted me to bake something like that.... Continue Reading →

Teekha Murgh

A fiery chicken recipe made with green chillies, red chillies and black pepper, with dry roasted curry leaves acting as the cherry on the top. If you love hot and spicy gravy then this recipe is for you. Serves a delicious side dish to chapati, naan or kulcha. Ingredients Chicken pieces 500 g Curd for... Continue Reading →

Lau chingriĀ 

Lau chingri is bottle gourd cooked with shrimps, a delicacy from West Bengal. I love authentic Bengali cuisine, most of the recipes are so simple with minimal ingredients, yet so flavorful. It's the same with Lau chingri, the humble bottle gourd gets a complete makeover by the use of shrimps. The shrimps just takes this... Continue Reading →

Garlic Pepper grilled Prawns

I have been meaning to post a recipe for a 'Dish under 20 minutes' for a recipe contest, that's when I came up with this quick and delicious garlic pepper grilled prawns. It is such a simple recipe even a child can make it. This can be a perfect snack for your sudden guests at... Continue Reading →

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