Baked macher dimer bora

Bengalis are known for their love for fish. It is said "maache bhaate bangali" i.e fish and rice makes a Bengali. A meal is incomplete without fish and it is pretty much the same at my house too. We love fish, though we don't eat fish in every meal but at least 4-5 days a... Continue Reading →

Sprouted ragi chicken cutlet 

I had sprouted ragi at home so I wanted to try out this healthy cutlet. Ragi is highly nutriticious with calcium, iron, vitamin C. Sprouted ragi is super food with all nutrients doubling up! I still feed my little one sprouted ragi flour porridge everyday for breakfast. I came up with this idea of using... Continue Reading →

Baked root vegetable cutlet

Monsoon soon approaching Mumbai and it is one of my favorite times in the city. There is something about Mumbai rains that makes it more special. And nothing beats hot-spicy snacks with a hot cup of strong filter coffee on rainy days. Since I'm going the healthy way I'll be coming up with lot of... Continue Reading →

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