Gooey Cappuccino banana flour Brownies

A gluten free brownie recipe which is absolutely yummy! I made this Gooey cappuccino banana flour brownies for the Belly Nirvana campaign organised by Plattershare in association with I have used raw banana flour earlier but always in combination with other flours. This time I thought I will use it as it is and... Continue Reading →

Baked vermicelli Malpua 

There are times, when you end up baking something you never really planned to, and times, when you do lot of planning yet end up making something entirely different. Also there are times when everything goes as per plan and prior research. For me, it is mostly the first two situation. Although I'm generally a... Continue Reading →

Coffee is one of the most common and loved flavor in cakes. I had baked this healthy Coffee cake for a Heart Healthy recipe contest conducted by Ovenderful Mom Baker's Community, my favorite healthy baking group on facebook. The theme of the contest was to make bakes with heart healthy ingredients. So I came up... Continue Reading →

Madras Tea shop style Butter biscuits

Butter biscuits were my childhood favorite. It was so addictive that I could keep eating them. These were regular biscuits along with Marie and cream cracker back home in Chennai. Dunking them in tea used to make it extra delicious. Though I never used to drink tea (I still don't) but I always took some... Continue Reading →

Peanut Jagerry Coconut cookies

Back with another coconut cookies. I totally love coconut in cakes and cookies, it just makes everything so special! The combination is just perfect. I have used egg here which has also given a nice flavor to the cookies. Usage of jagerry and egg makes these cookies soft and chewy. Ingredients Peanuts 40 g Desiccated... Continue Reading →

Mango and Coconut cookies

I love coconut and somehow it combines so well with every flavor without losing it's own flavor, in fact it gives that extra zing. I found the combination of mango and coconut so delicious in these cookies. The cookies are crunchy on the outside, soft and chewy inside. If you like soft and chewy cookies... Continue Reading →

Bengali style Mango Chutney Cake

I love the sweet and tangy raw mango chutney which I look forward to every summer. Mango chutney was a must thing back home to finish our lunch with everyday. We had a huge mango tree in our house in Chennai which used to bear loads of delicious mangoes every year. With the raw mangoes... Continue Reading →

Banana Strawberry Upside down Cake

Doesn't this cake look absolutely gorgeous? It tastes delicious and it is healthy too! I have baked upside down cakes with strawberries and bananas separately but never tried them together. Here I have used strawberry compote which has added to it's aesthetic beauty as well as to it's delicious flavor. Using combination of wheat, sorghum... Continue Reading →

Coconut Orange and Cranberry cake

Combination of coconut and Orange is a match made in heaven! The cake is really moist with great texture and absolutely flavorful. The sweetness of the cake is balanced with tanginess from the dried cranberries. A very healthy cake made with combination of sorghum flour, amaranth flour and whole wheat flour. The cake looks bright... Continue Reading →

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