Wheat and flax seeds cheese crackers

Healthy crackers made with whole wheat and flax seeds meal. I just loved the way these turned out! Loved the nuttiness from the flax, whereas cheese and pepper made these extra delicious. I wanted to bake something similar to cream cracker as my hubby likes them and he wanted me to bake something like that.... Continue Reading →

Tangy Tomato Crackers

It is said "Necessity is the mother of all invention",  I would like to change it to availability is the mother of all invention. In my case it's always the latter. This recipe is the best example of that.  I was not planning to make tomato crackers, when I opened the fridge and found loads... Continue Reading →

Maggie crackers

My love for Maggie has lead me to create Maggie crackers. Maggie lovers like me will love this cracker. Since instant noodles aren't great healthwise that's when Maggie crackers come in rescue. Now you can enjoy the taste of Maggie with less than one packet of the noodles and it's gonna last you for 3-4... Continue Reading →

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