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Learn to Bake Healthy with Priyanjali

I will help you to learn healthy baking at home with easy baking recipes that can be made with readily available ingredients for toddlers, kids, health-conscious people, or anybody who want to shift to baking without refined ingredients.

You will learn how to use various refined sugar alternatives. You will also learn to use various millets and other alternative flours in baking.

My basic mantra is ‘Healthy can be tasty too‘. Welcome you to ‘Oh So Delish’ My World of Healthy Baking. I’m Priyanjali Joardar, a self-taught baker, author, and photographer of this blog. Thank you for stopping by to know more about me 🙂

A Little About Me

A microbiologist by qualification, a researcher and professor, now a full time stay at home mommy to the 4-year-old naughty boy and a Food Blogger and Food photographer. I’m a Bengali grown up in Chennai, moved to Mumbai after marriage. I’ve had a special interest in good food since childhood. My paternal and maternal grandmothers, mum, and aunt all such great cooks so I’ve always had good tasty homemade food. My mum used to bake lovely cakes which developed my interest in baking. Then I started baking for family occasions at home which was loved by all.

Once I moved to Mumbai my experiments in the kitchen started, I followed our heirloom recipes, recipes from the internet and I started creating my own since I never liked to follow any recipe completely and always wanted to give my own touch. I just loved creating new dishes.

Apart from cooking, baking, and experimenting with new dishes in the kitchen you will find me doing a lot of food photography and food styling which feeds my creative soul. I’m a self-taught photographer and I’m still learning every single day. You can check some of my pictures here.

I also love to travel to different places and also love to try out local food.

Priyanjali Joardar, food blogger, recipe developer

How Oh So Delish blog started

After my son was born I moved to cook and bake with alternative ingredients, shunning out all refined and packaged products. I wanted to document all my successful healthy baking experiments with the thought of helping other mums to create healthy and tasty food for their kids which lead me to start this blog in 2017.

My husband is my best critic and motivates me always to do better. My parents, inlaws, sister, aunts, cousins, few of my friends are always encouraging and I’m grateful for their support.

What will you find in this blog

You will find easy recipe, recipes of snacks available in stores that kids like and other traditional recipes with a healthy twist.

You will find only tried and tested recipes here, each of which has been tested many times before they make it to the blog.

All recipes come with exact measurements. the recipe comes with alternative ingredients in case of unavailability.

The recipes come with process pictures wherever required for easy understanding.

I’m halfway through updating all my old recipes so you will find some of the details not available for all recipes. In case of any doubt, you can contact me.

Some of the most frequently visited categories of the blog

Connect with me

I would love to hear from you. Please feel free to write to me at for any recipe request, suggestion, feedback or queries at

Nothing makes me happier than seeing your lovely pictures! So if you try my recipes do connect with me on social media and tag me to the posts.

For business inquires and collaborations check here.

I love creating all these recipes and i hope you love trying them out as well for your friends and family 🙂

Happy Baking!


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