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Hi, I'm Priyanjali a complete foodie and a passionate cook. A Microbiologist and Assistant Professor by profession, now a full time mommy and a part time food blogger. The blog includes culinary experiments from my kitchen. I hope you would like them as much as i did creating them. Happy Cooking!

baked vegetable chop (kolkata style)

Baked vegetable chop (Kolkata style)

Highly addictive and utterly delicious Kolkata style baked vegetable chop which has a nice crisp outer layer, soft slightly sweet and spicy inner stuffing interspersed with peanuts which add that crunch to it.

healthy gluten free quinoa brownies

Quinoa brownies (gluten free)

Super healthy and utterly delicious quinoa brownies with a hint of coconut and crunchy walnuts. This quinoa brownies recipe is one of the healthiest for the fact that it uses quinoa and coconut oil.

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