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cookies placed on white paper

Eggless Gluten-free brookies

Brookies are a great invention for a cookie and brownie lover. you get both in one! These brookies are moist, delicious, and oh so chocolatey that you cannot stop with one.

healthy gluten free quinoa brownies

Quinoa brownies (gluten free)

Super healthy and utterly delicious quinoa brownies with a hint of coconut and crunchy walnuts. This quinoa brownies recipe is one of the healthiest for the fact that it uses quinoa and coconut oil.

Snicker Brownies

The recipe is called snicker brownies not because snickers chocolate is used here. It is called so because my brownies taste exactly like the chocolate snickers. Like every other recipe of mine I try to make it as healthy as… Read More »Snicker Brownies

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