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chocolate cake with hazelnuts on a white butter paper

Healthy Chocolate Banana Bread

Rich, chocolatey, and moist easy eggless Chocolate banana bread recipe is sure to satisfy your chocolate cravings. A very healthy chocolate banana bread recipe without any refined flour or refined sugar.

Healthy berry banana bread

Best Ever Healthy Berry Banana Bread Recipe

Learn to make soft, moist, delicious and super easy whole wheat healthy berry banana bread recipe that gets its sweetness from the bananas and tanginess from cranberries and blueberries.

Banana Coffee scones

Banana Coffee scones have slightly crisp exterior with soft and moist interior. As you bite into the warm scones the flavor of banana and coffee can make you experience a love at first bite for sure. Banana coffee scones will… Read More »Banana Coffee scones

Whole wheat banana bread

Banana bread 

This was on my to do list for a long time. Banana bread is a very simple and absolutely delicious cake. You can make it with different flours, use variety of dried fruits, nuts and seeds to make it more… Read More »Banana bread 

Chocolate cherry cake

Back with another delicious recipe with cherries. I was thinking what else to make with cherries after baking the rose buns with cottage cheese and cherry compote. I didn’t want to simply use cherries as topping for dessert, I wanted… Read More »Chocolate cherry cake

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