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Quinoa brownies (gluten free)

healthy gluten free quinoa brownies

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Quinoa brownies

Super healthy and utterly delicious quinoa brownies with a hint of coconut and crunchy walnuts. This quinoa brownies recipe is one of the healthiest for the fact that it uses quinoa and coconut oil.

Some facts about quinoa

Did you know quinoa is a seed and not a grain? It is truly a super food which is high in protein, making it one of the few plant based products that contain all essential amino acids. It is high in fibres, rich in various minerals and antioxidants. Though quinoa is an ancient grain which grew mostly in South America but now it has taken the world by storm for it’s super nutritional profile. Since more people are following plant based diets and also emergence of gluten intolerants, people who want to consume protein rich diet for them quinoa has become most sought after food. Though quinoa isn’t native to India, there’s something very similar to that is amaranth with a similar nutritional profile. It is ecologically more sustainable as well. Few of the recipes with amaranth flour

Coconut orange and cranberry cake

Quinoa brownies
Quinoa brownies

Coming to the quinoa brownie recipe- I always love to experiment new ingredients by incorporating them in brownies, for I know experiment would most probably be a successful one. So What better way to consume quinoa than making an indulging and healthy brownie.

Ingredients used to make quinoa brownies

I have used organic quinoa, cold pressed coconut oil and organic walnuts in making the quinoa brownies from the Pristine Organics, one of the leading organic food brand in India. Do have a look at the other recipes that I made with Pristine Organics products Achari Amaranth Crackers.

Quinoa brownies
Sliced quinoa brownies

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How to make quinoa brownies



  1. Double boil the chocolate or microwave it for 30 seconds. Keep it aside.
  2. Mix cocoa powder with equal quantity of hot water.
  3. Beat the eggs till light and fluffy for about two minutes. Add the sugar till creamy, beat for two minutes.
  4. Add the melted chocolate, cocoa powder water mix, coconut oil and vanilla extract, mix it all well with the blender.
  5. Add the cooked quinoa and mix the batter well. If you want a smooth mix you can mash the quinoa and add to the batter. I used it as such and I liked the texture it gave to the brownies.
  6. Pour the batter into a parchment lined 9*9 inch baking tray. Throw in some roasted walnuts. Bake in a preheated oven at 160 degree Celsius for 25-30 minutes.


  • Do not over bake. After 25 minutes check with a tooth pick, if the crumbs stick to the tooth pick it’s perfectly done. Like cakes, brownies don’t come out clean on toothpick. If you let it bake for some more time it looses the gooey texture of brownies. Baking time will vary from oven to oven. But if the texture is wet like uncooked batter allow it to bake for few more minutes.
  • Use a parchment or baking sheet to bake brownies because they tend to stick to the tin even if your baking dish is properly greased.
  • Allow the brownies to cool down before slicing to get neat slices.
  • Use good quality dark chocolate of above 50% cocoa for rich flavor and taste.
  • I have not tried eggless version of this and I’m not sure if flax egg or curd would be good to use.
Quinoa brownies
Quinoa brownies

I would love to hear back. If you’ve tried my recipe you can use the #ohsodelishblog tag on Instagram and Facebook. For any query or recipe request you can comment below. Happy baking!

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