About me

Hi I’m Priyanjali, a complete foodie and a passionate cook. A microbiologist by profession, a researcher and professor, now a full time stay at home mommy to one and half year old naughty toddler. I’m a Bengali grown up in Chennai, moved to Mumbai after marriage. I’ve had special interest in good food since childhood. My paternal and maternal grandmothers, mum and aunt all such great cooks so I’ve always had good tasty home made food. My mum used to bake lovely cakes which developed my interest in baking. Then I started baking for family occasions at home which were loved by all. Due to study and job I didn’t find time nor did I have the need to cook, but my interest in food lead me to occasional cooking.
Once I moved to Mumbai my experiments in the kitchen started, I followed our heirloom recipes, recipes from net and I started creating my own. I just loved cooking and baking.
After my son was born I started healthy baking with alternative flours to feed him homemade goodies, that’s when I came across Ovenderful Mom Bakers Community on Facebook which helped me to improve my knowledge in healthy baking. Now I share my own healthy baked recipes on OMBC and also in few other sites.
My husband has motivated me to start blogging, he’s my best critic. My parents, inlaws, sister, aunts, cousins, few of my friends appreciate and motivate me always. Through this blog I’d like to share my culinary experiments. I believe in healthy eating and so my recipes are mostly healthy. I would love to get suggestions and feedback so do drop in a message. I’d be more than happy if you try my recipes so do let me know about that too. Happy cooking!

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